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As a trusted Technology solutions provider for more than 15 years, we have a team of Information Technology experts who provide professional services and training to customers in education, government, health, and the commercial sectors. Our company also delivers outstanding Technology solutions for residential and business customers in the Houston Metro area, let us keep your systems and staff working at maximum capacity today. 



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KAYMIAH competency is managing logistic Operations and providing technical resources. That is the backbone of our business, and it provides the strength upon which we founded our company. We go beyond the basics. Additional services include intermodal shipping, expedited delivery, dedicated routes, warehousing, transloading, third party logistics and brokerage. Our strategy revolves around a focused approach to serve specific customers requiring exceptional service to target markets. 


KAYMIAH’s deep experience with every phase of the management, transport and storage process has been developed over years, enabling us to fill in any logistical gaps our clients may be experiencing. Our team of experts remains active in the marketplace, staying abreast of industry trends and knowledgeable of regulatory developments. The KAYMIAH team, has been servicing this metro Houston since 2004. 
We are equipped to handle the smallest  task and larger commercial projects, Our team of professionals will ensure your project is completed on time, within budget and with the highest regard for quality.